About Us

The fun version

We love Coffee, Content, Campaigns, Creativity, CPC’s, Cats, Camping, Cryptocurrencies, and if we haven’t stressed it enough, Coffee. Oh and of course, our Clients too! Love em.

For the professionals

Running On Coffee is a Branding Agency. We have a broad spectrum of services which is all aligned to meet the end goal, ensuring your brand has its own personality. Just like a billion humans on earth still have their own unique personalities, we help brands discover this trait and how to channel it into the minds of consumers.

Right now, you’re reading content written by Ashish Bansal. An energetic soul who has found the true meaning of living on the edge. He is always balancing on the line between genius and inappropriate. He’s often found questioning the obvious, and attempting to carve his own path even on things as simple as writing an about us section. He walks on thin ice and runs on coffee, all of this just to find something new to look forward to.

What you read above, what you imagined while reading, is an image our mind created all by itself. This personality can be applied to our brand, Running On Coffee too. That is who we are, and what we love to do.