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This is one of our oldest clients which breaks all social media myths. From proving the irrelevance of page & post likes to showing how creativity pays off.

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Valentine’s Day campaign

Rather than promoting the offerings, we took a whole new twist to the video and did something truly one of a kind.

The end result? The highest single day sales ever. Clocking over 150 bookings for a video we posted which was completely organic. With over 200+ reshares, the campaign hit all the right notes.

The one that left people with goosebumps


Brand managment

The Problem:

Waiting for a table during peak hours

The Solution:

On weekends, the wait time would often go as high as 45 minutes to an hour. This would be a real problem as it discourages customers to come back again.

Here’s how we solved this:

Expanding seating capacity by introducing drive-in

With a massive area for parking, we introduced our drive-in service so small bites and beverages could be served to a customer while seated comfortably in their car.

To keep the guests entertained, we also promoted ourselves to a pet friendly atmosphere. This made families interact with other families and created a very friendly atmosphere.


Social media